My Resume


I had a great passion for computer science and technology in general since I was just a child, when I’m 12 years old, my parents bought me my first home computer a Commodore VIC 20, and with this little and flexible system I started programming first in BASIC and then in assembler.

From this moment on, until today I never stopped to learn new things in this fantastic and stimulating IT world.

My first and great passion is programming, but I acquired a lot of experience also in system administration, I installed my first linux os in the 1994, and I started to compile my kernel drivers and do the other stuffs that a linux admin loves to do.

During my long journey in the computer science I’m always been hungry of knowledge for all IT related things and news. Reading a lot of books and specialized magazines, to continue to learn and update my knowledge. In the 1996 I published my first internet web site, and in this year, I started to love all the things related to the internet. Over the years I have had the opportunity to measure myself with many different operating systems, databases, software, programming languages and technologies. And with people who had considerable knowledge in all these areas, which allowed me to continue to grow professionally. 

Today at SAS I’m an experienced Technical Architect, I’m follow a lot of projects in different industry and for many big customer, I design architecture for Fraud Detection, In-Memory and In-Database Analytics, IoT and Analytics at Edge, on-premise or in cloud. I present my architectures in customer meetings, prepare a lot of technical documents and workshops for the they and also internally for colleague’s enablement. And yet sometimes I do not dislike writing “a few lines” of code when the situation requires it.

Employment Hstory

Principal Technical Architect – Pre-Sales Architecture, Modernization and Cloud Practice at SAS Institute (Italy), Rome
January 2016 – Present

Principal Technical Architect, Big Data & Cloud Architecture Team at SAS Institute (Italy), Rome
January 2013 – January 2016

Technical and application architectures design for deployment of SAS solutions at customer sites, definition of integration solutions for SAS products in the customers company infrastructures, management of issues related to security, authentication and single sign-on.

Software Architect at SAS Institute (Italy), Rome
February 2002 – January 2013

Hardware sizing and physical architecture design for SAS software, Installation, configuration and tuning of SAS Software environment, software issues management at customer site. Custom integration component development.

Senior Developer at Intersistemi Italia S.p.A., Rome
November 2001 – January 2002

JAVA and COM components development for Workflow Management web applications for government.

Senior Developer at 3F Data System S.p.A., Rome
November 1999 – November 2001

Dynamic Web Application development, using ASP/JSP and head of education towards the Rome office staff.

Web Developer at Gedy s.r.l., Anzio (Rome)
November 1992 – November 1999

Web sites design and dynamic web application development, Internet infrastructure server administration, internal network administration, Internal application development.

Main Skills

Operating Systems

Knowledge of various UNIX “flavors”, including Linux, SUN Solaris, Digital Tru64, HP-UX, IBM AIX, with various skills, including: installation, administration, monitoring and tuning, as well as shell scripting.

Knowledge of various UNIX “flavors”, including Linux, SUN Solaris, Digital Tru64, HP-UX, IBM AIX, with various skills, including: installation, administration, monitoring and tuning, as well as shell scripting.

Knowledge of the different versions of Windows with skills including: installation and administration.


Good knowledge of many TCP/IP protocols and related services, with the skills to configure many services and types of networks.

Programming Languages

Skills to develop from single applications components to full desktop and Web applications, using the main programming languages, including Java, C#, Visual Basic, PHP. Knowledge of the main client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript and related technologies such as AJAX, DHTML, and libraries as JQuery, Scriptaculous, Prototype, ExtJS, MooTools, excellent knowledge of XML and JSON. Strong propensity to develop dynamic web applications. Excellent knowledge of the SQL language. Excellent knowledge of J2EE architecture, knowledge of the main development framework like Struts and Spring. Excellent knowledge of SAS proprietary programming languages such as SCL, 4GL and Macro

Development Tools

Deep knowledge of the Eclipse IDE as well as NetBeans, and Python Notebook, excellent knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio and Web authoring tools such as ADOBE DreamWeaver, Fireworks and Flash.

Authentication and Security

Excellent knowledge of the main directory systems like LDAP and Active Directory, and major libraries for authentication like PAM and JAAS. Depth knowledge of some of the main Web Access Management systems of the market, in particular CA SiteMinder, CAS and OpenSSO. Knowledge on SAML and Kerberos authentication.

Web Application and Web Servers

Deep knowledge of the main JEE Application Server such as Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss and Spring tcServer and of the two main Web Server, MS IIS and Apache.


Excellent knowledge of the major DBMS systems and appliance such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Teradata.

Big Data

Knowledge of solutions, products and architectures for Big Data, excellent knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem components, in particular the Cloudera IBM and Hortonworks implementations, Excellent knowledge of in-memory and in-database products, Excellent knowledge of the open source stack ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

Cloud and Virtualization

Extensive knowledge of the Cloud world, including related products and technologies like containers and Platforms (e.g. CloudFoundry). Skills for design software and technical architectures to deploy in Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud environment, based on the offer of the main cloud providers, such as: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Excellent knowledge of Virtualization technologies with particular knowledge of the VMWare products family.